Here's some links to useful sites:

Planet Zoo

Useful for Zoo Building

  • Mr.Weasel's Planet Zoo Inspiration Database - My own collection of zoo photographs labeled specifically for Planet Zoo inspiration.
  • ZooLex - Information and photographs on zoo exhibits from around the world can be found here. This is an excellent resource for ideas on larger, more state-of-the-art exhibits.
  • ZooChat - ZooChat boasts an extensive photo gallery packed to the brim with zoo photos from around the world. There's also an active forum. I have uploaded lots of my own zoo photographs here (click here to view them). This is usually my go-to for inspiration.
  • Zootierliste - This website is probably the most accurate free-to-use source for species listings for European zoological collections. It is a very handy tool when creating realistic European zoos.
  • Visual Maps - A company which creates park maps for many of the world's most-famous zoos. You can use this site to get ideas on layouts or maps for your Zoo Tycoon zoos.