Monkey Land - Introduction

Monkey Land is a zoo dedicated to primates, located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.

I finished building it in May 2021 and I feel like my skills have progressed a bit since then. Looking back at it now, I can see a lot of room for improvement but I think it still there's some good parts to it.

I originally planned to make this zoo a sanctuary, based on the real-life Monkey World, but then I got carried away and it became something of my own imagination — bigger and with state-of-the-art exhibits which highlight conservation.

Its main exhibits are Pan Trail, Kings of the Treetops and Gorilla Outlook, with smaller enclosures for macaques, mandrills, lemurs and capuchins. I used every primate available in the game at the time but, due to realism, I decided not to keep proboscis monkeys as they don’t fare well in captivity outside Asia due to their unique dietary requirements. I’ve also kept my foliage choices to those that can survive the UK’s temperate climate.

Visitor amenities include a cafe, a food court, a conservation centre, events suiterest rooms and a gift shop. I’ve also built a large animal hospital, staff facilities and every exhibit has a backstage area (although not all of them are detailed).

Everything on show is my own work and I didn’t use anything from the workshop. I also didn’t base the park on anything in particular and tried to use my own ideas for everything. I did, however, use a few reference pictures for things like architecture.

For the first time ever, I also created my own map for it too!

The next few posts will be a walkthrough tour of the zoo!