Monkey Land - Part 4: PrimeEat Food Court

This is the fourth installment in a series of posts touring a primate-themed zoo which I built in 2021, named Monkey Land. You can read an introduction for it here.

The park has its own fast food court, aptly named PrimeEat. The name is an obvious play on the word 'primate' and was somewhat inspired by Prime Burger, a popular restaurant chain in London. The building is nestled away in a lightly wooded area and features both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as an adventure play area:

Inside, there's three windows which each serve a different meal. There's a selection of meals on offer, from burgers and pizzas to desserts and sides. Of course, there's also vegetarian options. These menus took quite a while to create and their designs were inspired by Burger King. Whilst the kiosks do actually serve food, such as fries, pizza and ice cream, the other menu items are purely cosmetic. The photos of the meals were taken from a mixture of popular fast food chains, including McDonalds, Burger King and Domino's Pizza (three of my favourites, as it happens!):

The interior's design was inspired by Burger King and its influence can be seen in many of the colours I used. The booths are unfortunately not usable by guests but everything else is functional:

I put my own touch on the Burger King design; instead of a burger hanging from the ceiling, there's a pizza slice! In the background of this screenshot, you can also see the two waste disposal bins. I thought it was important to have both a recycling and compost bin to fit in with the zoo's environmentalism. The bins are actually functional too:

Outside, situated alongside the food court, there's an adventure play area in a densely wooded area which children would be able to use whilst their parents sit and watch from the food court. I surrounded the playing area in a soft substrate, like sand, so that there aren't any injuries from falls:

The adventure play area features a slide, rope walkways, a climbing rope, a fireman's pole, a swingset, stepping stones and a den. I built it using logs so it fit in better with the wooded area:

One of the most surprising things about it is the fact that it is actually somewhat usable! The game's guests can't use it but the player certainly can. It's the little things like this which I love about this game:

Another shot of the adventure play area, this time showing the climbing rope:

The food court is also served by a nearby toilet block:

In the next update, we're going to look at one of the park's main attractions, Pan Trail, home to chimpanzees and bonobos!