Monkey Land - Part 10: The Gift Shop


This is the tenth installment in a series of posts touring a primate-themed zoo which I built in 2021, named Monkey Land. You can read an introduction for it here.

Situated near the entrance is the gift shop where guests can purchase souvenirs, ornaments, toys and books. This is the exterior of it; it features a dutch roof, a glass front and timber-framed walls to match the style of the entrance:

I'm quite happy with how it turned out as I didn't use any references whilst building it. I just threw mud at the wall and it stuck in way which looked better than I expected:

The interior was also freestyled and, as with all my builds, I didn't use anything from the Workshop to fill it out:

All the stock in the gift shop is primate-themed. Here I used custom billboards to create books and boxed toys. I positioned them in ways to make them look 3D:

Whilst the above shelf is more child-oriented, there's also a shelf for more mature readers:

Another view of the interior:

I used a Just A Momento kiosk and an information kiosk to give the building some actual functionality but rebranded them "checkout" and "guest services", respectively:

In the final post in this series, we're going to show the park at night!