Monkey Land - Part 11 (Final): The Park at Night


This is the eleventh and final installment in a series of posts touring a primate-themed zoo which I built in 2021, named Monkey Land. You can read an introduction for it here.

Since realism was the aim of this project, I thought it was important to add lighting so that the park was illuminated during the night. Here's an overview of how the park looks with lighting in place:

The entrance has lights above the entryways and ticket booths, as well as under the sign:

The cafe is lit on both the inside and outside:

All the interiors have lighting but unfortunately, the game doesn't calculate interior lighting too well, so it still appears quite dimly lit. This can be seen in the image below of the Old World Monkey House:

Inside Pan Trail:

Inside Gorilla Outlook:

Inside Kings of the Treetops:

The Animal Hospital & Staff Centre:

The gift shop (which definitely needed more lighting, in retrospect):

The gift shop interior:

... and that brings our tour of Monkey Land to a close! I hope you all enjoyed it and, as ever, I would love to hear your feedback! The zoo will be released to the Steam Workshop soon.