Monkey Land - Part 9: Staff Facilities


This is the eighth installment in a series of posts touring a primate-themed zoo which I built in 2021, named Monkey Land. You can read an introduction for it here.

Around the corner from Kings of the Treetops is a gated-off area for staff. It's where you'll find the Animal Hospital and the Staff Centre:

One of the buildings in this off-limits area is a small storage warehouse which would realistically be used by staff for storage and maintenance. The gate on the right of it allows vehicles access into the grounds of the park:

This building is the animal hospital and staff centre. The main, wood-clad building is used for veterinarian care, whilst the building on the right is used for administration. I put keeper facilities inside both of them, so they're actually fully functional:

I wanted the building to appear newly-built, so I opted for a modern architectural design. I based it on an image of a house which I found online:

The building backs out onto the staff car park and features a loading bay for animal ambulances in case more advanced care is needed elsewhere. This isn't something which actually happens in the game but it adds realism: 

The building features a terrace where staff would be able to grow plants for the park. A lot of zoos in real-life are self-sufficient like this as it's more environmentally-friendly. The Conservation Pack DLC would have been perfect for this but it wasn't released when I built it:

Located at the top of the park, near Pan Trail, is the Education & Conservation (C&E) Centre  and the Events Suite. I noticed most large zoos have facilities like these as they're vital for getting the conservation message across. Events suites are also useful for hosting special events, which can help put a spotlight on the zoo and/or conservation issues:

The two buildings have their own car park which can be accessed separately from the main entrance:

The C&E Centre and the Events Suite are signposted on a nearby access road:

Nearby, the backstage areas for Pan Trail can be accessed through a gated driveway at the top of the park. Behind this gate, there's a car park, several keeper facility buildings, two outdoor exclusion enclosures (one for chimpanzees and another for bonobos), as well as an access door into the backstage areas of the Chimpanzee House. Security is provided by CCTV cameras:

Another road provides access to the back of the cafe:

Grab your wallets and purses as we'll be visiting the Gift Shop next!